Safari Gallery

Get up close and personal with these amazing birds of Florida.
Leaping Dolphins often follow us on our trip around the bay.

Every trip holds its own surprise and will become a once in a
lifetime experience.

Next Trips are in Mid April thru May 2013

My trips are for small groups only. Wildlife is much more friendly to an intimate gathering.
My workshops offer you the opportunity to practice skills on both still and moving subjects.
We get up early to catch the light and spend our midday hours having lunch at quaint island
eateries, processing our morning shoot and resting up for sunset photographic opportunities
on the beach. I like to schedule a little "down time" so that we are having fun and are at our
best when working. Trips should be fun and relaxing as well as instructive. Balance is the key
to having a good time and coming home with great shots and a great experience.

For the seasoned photographer, long lenses and fast lenses are key to getting a great picture.
Longer lenses help to capture birds that are dancing out on the sandbars. The shallow depth of field
in the faster lenses will help to isolate a bird from the flock and still keep those shutter speeds high
to stop action. Most of our excursions are by boat or car and the lenses and cameras don't have be
carried too far (they are heavy)! The island wild life preserve offers great views just a few feet away
from the car. Point and shoot camera hobbyists will enjoy the wildlife adventure in pleasant surroundings.
Be prepared to spend several hours at a single location, waiting for the spoonbills to fly. If you have
underwater or waterproof gear be prepared for swimming or scuba.

First come, first serve on discounted accommodations. I have a two bedroom duplex that is one block from the beach. This will make
your sunrise and sunset shots really convenient. We are in a residential section in an off season period and the beaches are clean and quiet.
I can share this living space. The spare bedroom is priced at $650.00 for the week and you can ride with me. Workshops will be held
at this location. The island is very small and any housing will be only a few minutes away from the workshop.

There is a high rise condo with many options for a view. The ocean side apartments go for $800.00 per week and the bay side units
go for $650.00. If you choose these living arrangements, you may want to rent a car. Upon your booking a safari, I will provide
you with contact information to obtain lodgings.

Airfair is your responsiblity. You will fly into Ft Myers Airport where you can rent a car or I can make special arrangements to pick you up. Ft Myers Beach is only 40 minutes away. Once on the island, you may find travel on the Trolley a fun way for sightseeing. The cost is 50 cents to hop on.

Meals are additional. There is a full kitchen at my duplex and though there are some inexpensive fast food options, I'm sure you didn't come all this way to eat burgers. It is stone crab season and they are available fresh daily.

My fee, as your guide and instructor is $1950.00 for the week. This includes one half day boat trip, one airboat excursion, entrance fees to parks as well as toll fees onto islands and transportion by car to various destinations. I am available the third week in April thru the third week in May. The weather is beautiful this time of year and the traffic is light. Book early to lock down better airfares and preferred accommodations.